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  • Fiscal Management 
  • Transparent Government, and most importantly 
  • Private Property Rights without Government Intrusion.   

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Meet john shearl

To the Voters & Citizens of Macon County.

My name is John Shearl, and I am a candidate for Macon County Commissioner District 1. I stand for strong fiscal management, transparent government, and most importantly, private property rights without government intrusion.  

I have been married to Lila Munger Shearl for 31 years, have three children, one daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren.  

Lila and I reside in the Sugarfork Community. 

A graduate of Franklin High School, I own and operate two local businesses, J&J Lawn and Landscaping Services of Highlands and Shearl Produce of Otto.  I am a retired firefighter and a former Macon County Planning Board member. 

I consider supporting our youth to be a top priority. As such, I coached the Highlands School baseball team and was Highlands Little League president for many years.   In December, I purchased the equipment from the closing bowling center and skateway, and I hope to again provide our young adults a place to gather and enjoy themselves. 

As I watched our current Commissioners mismanage the recent Land Disturbance issue, it became clear the property rights of all Macon County residents are in danger. If you agree that we need leaders who support our freedoms and private property rights, then I ask for your support and to vote for me on May 8th. 

Thank You, 

John Shearl

Government Overreach

Jimmy Tate, Gary Shields, and Ronnie Beale, unanimously acted against the wishes of the people when they voted to keep the Land Disturbance Addendum around. You have to wonder why?  What is so advantageous (and to whom) that these men would consider it valuable enough to endure the dissatisfaction of the Macon County landowners?   

The very real fact is this.  If hundreds of concerned citizens had not brought awareness to the Land Disturbance Addendum, we would have awakened February 14th and found unbelievable and far-reaching restrictions put upon us due to the actions of these men. 

That scares me, and it should scare you as well.   

For more information on the Land Disturbance Addendum or to view the proposed document, please download the appropriate files at the bottom of this page or click the following link.  Land Disturbance-What you should know.

The Future

I am in favor of reviewing all services provided by Macon County to insure they are operating efficiently and meeting the needs of our citizens.   

I would like to return to a time where taxpayers are assessed at a rate adequate to fund and keep our government operating effectively.  Nothing more.  

I believe it is imperative to have a strong sheriff’s department, suitably maintained fire departments and well-provided school system, but building a “slush fund” with excess tax dollars is unacceptable.

I don’t want to cut services, I want to stop over-taxation.

I would like to find a way to help with this terrible drug epidemic that is ruining our community and destroying the lives of our young people and their families.  We need to provide these people the assistance needed to get their lives back in order and become contributing members of our community.

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Personal checks can be made out to "John A. Shearl for Commissioner" and mailed to:


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State law prohibits donations from business's or corporations. 


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